First Things First

August 13, 2009

In case anyone stumbles onto this page before I do anything else with it (unlikely), I just thought I’d write an obligatory introduction post and explain what the hell this blog is all about. I have other blogs, my main one being a dumping ground where I bitch and moan and whine about my life as an angsty twentysomething in the middle of America. I would also like to add a disclaimer of being completely web-illiterate and this is my second attempt at using WordPress, and we’ll see how long it lasts until (a) I get scared and run back to Blogger or (b) someone teaches me what the hell to do.

I got rather inspired this evening, reading some fabulousy sassy blogs (some, I suppose, might fall near the realm of the ubiquitous “mommy blogging” but I have no interest in children beyond a morbid curiosity of that alternate lifestyle, not to say I won’t ever end up there, but I’m way too damn selfish to even think about it right now.) And it made me wish I had a blog of some sort of substance. Not to say anyone will read this except for the few friends I eventually point in this direction, but, whatever.

I am turning 25 next month. Which means I’ll have to fully face the fact that I’m a grownup and I’m going to get old and while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I don’t want to look back on my youth and feel like I missed out. I’ve been saying that I’m going to make a list, of things to accomplish, and 30 seems like a good milemarker. Why 30 things? Because the alliteration sounds nice, mostly. Some will be big, some will be small. Some will be thoughtful and some will be silly. I haven’t actually written the list yet, but I know that I want to chronicle it somewhere. Will I maintain this for five years? Unless I magically grow an attention span, I doubt it. Although my blogging record has been long and prolific, this probably makes blog #5 in as many years. Also: the first one with a purpose.

So, my future friends, I am going to make a list of thirty things that I would like to do in the next few years, and I am going to report back on my progress. Even if it’s merely a “yay I did it!” then I still think it will inspire a sense of accomplishment, and that counts for something too. And maybe I’ll pick up one or two readers, and they (you, if you’re reading this) can cheer me on. Maybe make a list of your own.

I will get as many things crossed off the list as I can. The ones I don’t? Well, I suppose I can always add ten more and do a “40 before 40” now can’t I? ; )

(Item #31 will, of course, be to learn how to use this site… I’m not even kidding.)


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