Things You Won’t See On The List

September 21, 2009

It’s T Minus 2 days until I “officially” launch this project – by which I mean, I will post my list and there will be no turning back. I currently have 29 things on it… naturally I feel like #30 has to be a good one. It will probably be something lame. I still have a day to figure it out.

Here is what I am NOT going to include: things like “getting married” or “have a baby” and such. For starters, I don’t know if I even want kids, ever, let alone *rightnow* – also, that’s kind of Serious for my purposes. As far as getting married? I’d love to be settled down by 30, but that includes a whole slew of variables, including finding somebody that I actually want to commit to for the rest of my life. To me, you can’t put a timeline on that. So I won’t.

Other things I’ve excluded are things I’ve already done, that might have otherwise been on my list. (Visit a foreign country? Check. Try sushi? Check.) If I did it before I even started this list, it doesn’t count. Meanwhile, if I started the list, and happened to have the opportunity to do it… eh, well, I’m counting it. It’s not cheating… it’s just me getting ahead of myself.

Primarily, these are fun and happy things that I want to do, not a checklist of grownup-ly things that I should do. These are things I want to do. Hopefully soon. Then, when I check them all off? I can make a new list of things I want to do. Hopefully by then, I will have more money, and I can start putting things on there that will someday be more financially feasible. : )

So… check back on Wednesday, I will OFFICIALLY OFFICIALLY post the list, and we’ll see where this little experiment takes me. If anyone gets inspired to do their own list, let me know – I’ll link to it over yonder on the side.



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