#19: Learn the Thriller Dance

February 15, 2010

Date of Completion: February 2010

Ok, so who hasn’t wanted to learn the Thriller dance? Or, at the very least, wishes they could dance like Michael Jackson? Say what you will, the man was a musical genius and a choreography guru. If there is a thing higher than a guru, that would probably be more accurate.

You don’t really realize how much so, until you try to replicate it.

The catalyst for this dream finally becoming a reality was our now-annual charity throwback prom – this year with a zombie theme. Zombie + 80’s = Thriller, obviously. The plan was to amass a group to learn it and perform it but our numbers dwindled and I was determined that it was going to happen anyway, even if it was just us three off in a corner doing it ourselves. (Yes, I wanted a video for this blog. So what? ha.) We were actually able to gather enough people that sort-of knew it in order to do a full dance-floor performance – complete with cheering crowd! It was by far one of the most awesome moments of my life.

At any rate, I ended up with not one but TWO videos documenting this glorious occasion. Behold, the awesome talent and awkwardness!

(I’m the one in the back in the teal dress who keeps adjusting her hat. Headwear, not recommended.)


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