#28: Ride a Motorcycle (briefly, and with a helmet.)

July 15, 2012

Date of close-enough completion: July 2012

The more time goes by, the less this one is appealing. Motorcycles are dangerous as hell, and I’ve long since lost my youthful illusions of being indestructible and immortal. I know all too well that I’m not. Even so, I left this one on the list. Maybe I could just, like, ride down a driveway or something and call it good.

I’m going to do you one better (or worse). I’ve sat on a motorcycle, parked safely on a driveway, while it was running. I revved the engine a few times. I was not wearing a helmet, to be sure, but I did get my picture taken. I’ve felt the power of it, I’ve breathed in the exhaust, I’ve gotten close enough that I’m going to check it off.

I mean, all I really wanted was a cool picture of me on a motorcycle. In that sense: mission accomplished.



One comment

  1. Totally amazing! You have inspired me to make my own ‘thirtythings’ list!! Thanks for making me realize that there’s so much I need to do, explore, accomplish than just working my ass off at a job I don’t even care about! ❤

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