Year Three: Revisiting the List

September 23, 2012

Oh, this poor neglected blog. The last time I revisited the list was on my 26th birthday. I didn’t even bother with it when I turned 27 because I hadn’t done anything. Well, no, that’s not true… I had knocked the formidable #12 off my list, or was very close to it at the time, but didn’t write about it. (In fact, I went a full year without posting. That’s kind of embarrassing.)

What’s kind of ironic to me is that I’ve actually managed to accomplish some of the things that I have removed from the original list. I’ll be honest… some things I took off simply because they weren’t things I could include pictures of. Catchphrase of 2012: “Pics or it didn’t happen!” Others, well. This is supposed to be a fun project. No use setting myself up to fail.

So, as I celebrate my 28th birthday, and thus, the 3rd anniversary of this blog, let’s take a peek at things and see where they stand…

(Original rationale and descriptions are here. The current list as it stands is here. I’m updating the descriptions, because, well, it’s been three years. It’s time. Hell, it’s probably time for a site redesign, too, but let’s not get too carried away here.)

1- Fall in love
I’ve almost removed this one so many times. Not just because it seemed impossible, but also because it’s a stupid thing to put on a list. I don’t want it to be something that I just check off. But I didn’t want to say something like “get married” because I don’t want to put a timetable on something like that. Hell, I wasn’t sure I wanted to put a time table on falling in love. In hindsight, it’s ridiculous, but I feel like it would be a poor show to remove the #1 item. Besides, what could I possibly put in its place instead? That’s where I struggle. What deserves the #1 spot? Publish a novel, probably. But that’s also not likely to happen before I’m 30. Maybe it will never happen. I suppose I could say “write a novel”…. ? Anyway, putting it on a list like this feels cheap. But I don’t know if there’s a graceful way to backtrack. I suppose I could just cross it off and be done with it.
Update: 😉

2 – Earn my black belt in TKD
Update:  complete!

3- Visit Las Vegas
My original plan was to visit Las Vegas for my 30th birthday. Since that time, I’ve attended not one but two blogger meetups in Sin City, which far exceed any possible experience I might have in Vegas on my own. Will I still go for the big 3-0? Undecided. It’s an expensive city, y’all.
Update: complete

4 (originally)- Kiss someone at midnight on New Year’s Eve
Though I don’t suppose I necessarily have to have achieved #1 for this to be viable (what I should have said was “kiss a stranger on New Year’s Eve” – that would have been far more interesting!), it helps to have a significant other for something like this. It would probably also help if I had done anything for NYE over the past few years. Mostly… I’ve been going to bed early. Because I am old. And lame.
Update: canned… though I do hope that this upcoming New Year’s will be a little more favorable for me.

4 (updated) – Attend a midnight premiere of a movie
This is something I’ve always been curious about. It seems like an experience that everyone should participate in at some point or another, and obviously it will be easier to pull off the younger I am. I’m not saying that people over 30 can’t do it (because they do!), but I’ve been watching my sleep habits slowly shift and, y’know, I just can’t stay up like I used to. There are a few movies that I’ve had my eye on that would be perfect contenders for this.
Update: complete! Twice!

5- Sell a piece of artwork
This was one of the cheaty ones that I had on my list but managed to knock off before the blog actually went live. I’d always wanted to see if I could profit off of my creative endeavors, but I’ve always been too afraid to try.  Maybe I could add a Part II to this and try and open an Etsy store or something.
Update: complete

6 (original) – Photograph a new city 
I have a fascination with cityscape photography. I used to be really into taking pictures of whichever city I found myself in, but I went on a really long travel draught, and so I kind of figured that this wouldn’t be happening. Either that, or I just didn’t care so much anymore. Which is too bad, because since then, I’ve been to a multitude of cities, always with my camera in tow.
Update: I’ve totally done this. I finally made it to Chicago (which really should be on the list in and of itself…. Maybe I’ll add it as a bonus item.) I took some great photos.

6 (revised) – Run a 5K
I added this one solely so I’d get off my lazy bum and DO IT. It’s feasible. It’s not expensive. And it’s good for me. (Shall I refer to bullet #12 again?)
Update: partially complete… I participated but didn’t run the whole thing. I’m trying again in October. And I will keep trying until I am able to do it.

7 – Learn a foreign language (or enough to be mildly conversational)
Either French or Spanish. French cause it’s pretty, Spanish cause it’s useful.
Update: this was removed due to the difficulty level and the time frame and the fact that I don’t have the resources to achieve it right now. It’s something I still want to do, but I’m not sure how to go about it. I know, it’s a copout. I could take a class or something.

7 (revised) – Sing karaoke (sobriety optional)
I’ll be honest… I’m surprised this wasn’t on my original list. Or maybe it was, and I just moved it up. Either way, it seems like a logical thing to have on here. Though technically, thinking back, I kind of did this at a leadership conference that I went to while I was in college. I don’t think anyone was listening to our terrible, terrible screeching rendition of “Baby One More Time” and it wasn’t in a “real” karaoke setting. Even so… I’m wondering about the legitimacy of this one. Oh, hell. Maybe I could change it to “drunken karaoke” and then it will be a completely brand-new item.
Update: still not done, though it should be pretty easy to knock off. Just need to commit to doing it.

8 – Get a tattoo
The idea has always been to get something in memory of my friend Michelle, who was killed in a car accident in 2006. I want something meaningful (obviously) but also that I won’t regret having permanently inked into my skin (obviously). I’ve been working on sketches for the last five years and still haven’t hit anything I love. It has to be perfect before it can be permanent. 
Update: still tossing ideas around.

9 – Visit a winery
Another one that I prematurely accomplished. I could spinoff and “tour a brewery” or something. I don’t know. What I do know is that wine is delicious and this item is DONE.
Update: complete

10 – Pay off my credit cards
Update: I was wrong. 2011 was not the year. But 2012 will be, I am almost 100% certain of it. I’m so close I can taste it. I’m watching the balance fall and it’s only a matter of months now.

11 – Find the perfect little black dress
Found one, then found a better one. I really should write and update post about the newer one, because it’s amazing and I wear it often (at least when a LBD is called for!) and have gotten many a compliment on it.
Update: complete.

12- Lose 30 pounds
This is the white whale, the magical unicorn, the seemingly impossible task. I didn’t think I was ever going to accomplish it, or even get close. And then I did. (Granted, I gained about 20 of it back, but I’m working on it again, and I didn’t specify that it had to STAY off.)
Update: complete, with a bonus 2 pounds gone too. Working on a repeat performance.  Maybe I will check back in again when I hit my final goal weight.

13 (original) – Sing karaoke
Aha! I thought I’d had this one originally. I must have promoted it when I adjusted some things.
Update:  moved to #7

13 (revised) – Make a dramatic change to my appearance (non weight-related)
Every girl needs to do this at least once in her life, right? For most people it means chopping their hair completely off, and you know what? KEEP YOUR SCISSORS AWAY FROM ME. I know there will come a day when I will probably cut it off (I think there is a rule in the handbook or something – I know very few older ladies with long hair), but that time is not yet upon us. Instead, I opted to do something that a lot of people are curious about: I dyed my hair red. Also, it’s important to note, that this was not a breakup-related item. That’s when most people tend to do their crazy appearance changes. Me? I was bored over Thanksgiving week and decided “why the hell not?”
Update: complete!

14 – See a Broadway show
… on Broadway. In New York City.
Update: this… this might be one of the last things to get crossed off. I need to find some funds to make a trip out to NYC. This is slightly easier now that I know more people out on the East Coast, but even so. It’s one of the more cost-prohibitive items.

15 – Learn to drive a stick shift
My dad tried to teach me once. It ended in epic failure.
Update: haven’t gotten to this yet… need to find someone willing to teach me!

16 – Go out to the middle of nowhere and watch a meteor shower
Update: Tried to do this last summer but we didn’t quite make it out as far into the nowhere as was necessary. Also, I’m not sure how to provide a proof picture for this one, because my camera’s good, but it’s not THAT good.

17 – Visit a haunted house
I feel like I was coerced into this one. It was definitely an interesting experience. Obviously it was done around Halloween.
Update: complete, with no pictures. I don’t want to talk about it.

18 – Travel outside state lines and buy fireworks
Yo, Missouri – what’s up?
Update: complete!

19 – Learn the Thriller dance
One of those things I’ve always wanted to be able to do… though I have to admit, I’m losing my skill on this. I need a refresher, because nothing makes me sadder than hearing Thriller come on and drawing a complete blank on the moves.
Update: complete, WITH VIDEO.

20 – Get a manicure/pedicure and/or a massage
I was deprived for many years, to the point where I decided that I wasn’t going to cross this off until I did all three things.
Update: Thanks to the technology of Groupon, I acquired a massage. Thanks to my friend getting married, I FINALLY got a mani/pedi. Both are things I would do again, though maybe not regularly, because I am cheap.

21 – Go to the Iowa State Fair
I came, I saw, I ate something on a stick. And deep fried Oreos. And totally almost lost my car in the parking lot. It was fun. 
Update: complete.

22 (original) – Go campaniling
This only makes sense if you are an Iowa State student/grad. One of the traditions is to kiss under our campanile (clock tower) at the stroke of midnight. They say you’re not a true Iowa Stater until you do it. I never did it! : ( For as into ISU as I was, this makes me feel kind of like a failure…
Update: the good news is, I’ve done it! The bad news is, I’m really not sure how to make any sort of post about it. Therefore, it’s no longer an official item.

22 (revised) – Hold a koala bear
Ok, I know they’re not “technically” bears, but whatever, it sounds weird to just say “koala.” They’re cute and adorable and I WANT TO HOLD ONE.
Update: sounds like this can be accomplished at the Omaha zoo. Which is only a couple hours away. This is doable, people.

23 (original) – Take a ballroom dance class.
It’s glamorous and looks like it could be fun. I’m just not sure how feasible it is ‘round these parts.
Update: as I indicated in my last list update, this one was probably going to get the axe. And it did.

23 (revised) – Get backstage at a concert
So, I went ahead and replaced it with something also fairly questionable on the feasibility scale. Moreso because I don’t go to nearly as many concerts as I used to. Maybe I should start playing radio contests.
Update: uhhhh, not so much. Trying to figure out the logistics of this. I’m going to be embarrassed if I have to come up with a third #23.

24 – Participate in a cancer fundraising walk
My original text: “I will never be able to run a 5K, but dammit, I still want to participate.” OH SELF, YOU ARE SO FUNNY. You are also so very, very unkind to yourself. Because you CAN do it, and you ALMOST did do it, and you WILL do it. Even so, when I was at my most out of shape, this was kind of a big deal because walking a 5K can be (almost) as daunting as running one.
Update: completed, twice.

25 – Go Tailgating
Can you believe I never went tailgating in college? Ok, I went once, but I was 19, and the thought of getting a MIP charge wasn’t cool. There was no beer involved. And it wasn’t fun. So I finally went, as someone of legal age, and it was everything I hoped it would be. Except I didn’t get fed. Maybe next time I can tailgate with people who will grill some burgers. 
Update: complete

26 – Write a short story. Send it in to be published. Frame the rejection letter.
I am terrible with rejection, so this is mostly intended to be an exercise in accepting that rejection is a part of the game. It’s also supposed to be a kick in the pants to start writing things and actually DOING SOMETHING with the things I write.
Update:  wrote a story, sent it in, got rejected… just need to print off and frame that rejection email. It’s kind of like how restaurants frame their first dollar. Except backwards.

27 – Walk a dog
I’ve never done this. We’ve always had cats…  
Update: complete

28 (original) – Go to a casino
I’d never been, seemed like a thing to experience. However, it seemed silly to have this on the list while also having “Visit Las Vegas” on the same list. Because if you do the second, you’ll probably do the first.
Update: I won $4 on slots on my first trip to Vegas, and I won $30ish at a local casino near my sister’s house. I’m not a huge fan of gambling, but I am a huge fan of quitting while I’m a head, so I’m going to take my beginner’s luck and call it a day. But it’s no longer a list item.

28 (revised) – Ride a motorcycle (briefly, and with a helmet)
Because, you know, it would be bad-ass. And I really want a picture of myself on a motorcycle. It’s amazing how many fun things you can accomplish simply by disclaiming “it’s for my blog.” People are surprisingly willing to accommodate.
Update: I sat on a motorcycle. It was running. I got a picture. I’m calling it good. I never really actually wanted to ride it. My safety sensibilities kicked in and kind of took over. I’m okay with that.

29 – Learn to parallel park
Cause, seriously? I would park blocks away just so I didn’t have to.
Update: complete! I still get slightly nervous about it, but I’ve parallel parked so many times since that first one, I kind of feel like a champ.

30  Learn to tie a cherry stem with my tongue
I have a friend that can do this and she tried to direct me on how to do it one time, but I failed miserably. Just something fun and silly to round out the list!
Update: this is just silly enough that I’m keeping it on the list. I just need some practice!

You’ll also notice that I’ve got some bonus items on the List page. These are things that either randomly occurred to me that I listed as alternates, OR things that have come up that were just too good not to blog about. They’re more for enjoyment than crossing anything off a list, but this project has always been flexible, and as long as I have 30 new things completed by the time September 23 2014 rolls around, I’ll be a happy camper.

3 years down, 2 to go
19 completed goals
11 remaining


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  1. This list is so awesome! I was inspired to make my own & I’m 17 ^_^
    So exciting

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