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T-Minus 1 Month + 3 Days

August 20, 2014

After ignoring this blog for a few years, it’s time to swing by and make a few updates. Because I am going to be thirty next month. (!) 

It’s become apparent that I will not accomplish all of these things. The likelihood of getting to NYC to see a Broadway show before September 23 is next to nothing. Financially, it’s just not on the table anymore. I’ve got a trip booked for Seattle the weekend before my birthday and a trip to the Denver/Boulder area for a wedding the weekend after. I cannot justify trying to squeeze in a third trip between now and then – if I even had time for it. Instead, I guess I will have to settle for seeing a musical theater performance somewhere much more locally. 

On the flip side, I have accomplished a few things on this list that I forgot were even on there, or that I might have forgotten to write an update for. So once I get around to those entries, I might have fewer things left dangling.

Another thing I have considered doing is extending this list – perhaps 35 things before 35? Why not, right? 

All in all, I can’t really say if this was a failed experiment or not. As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten a lot more laid back and less concerned with deadlines and “list items”- it’s a fun idea, yes, but with any luck, I’ll have lots and lots of years ahead of me to try new and exciting things. Why limit it to just thirty? And why pretend like it’s all over when the clock ticks over next month? (Perhaps this is merely my justification for the fact that I have nearly forgotten about this list and/or have fallen a bit short of these items. Who knows?)

Anyway: stay tuned, I’ll be brushing the cobwebs off this site shortly and will have some new posts coming your way!