The List

Here is where the official list will live… I will mark things off as they are complete. Original post with elaboration/explanation here.

1- Write a novel.

2 – Earn my black belt in TKD

3- Visit Las Vegas

4- Attend a midnight premiere of a movie.

5- Sell a piece of artwork

6 – Run a 5K  (post pending)

7 – Sing karaoke. Sobriety optional. (post pending)

8 – Get a tattoo (post pending)

9 – Visit a winery

10 – Pay off my credit cards (post pending)

11 – Find the perfect little black dress

12- Lose 30 pounds (post pending)

13 – Make a dramatic change to my appearance (non-weight related)

14 – See a Broadway show (on Broadway)

15 – Learn to drive a stick shift

16 – Go out to the middle of nowhere and watch a meteor shower (post pending)

17 – Visit a haunted house

18 – Travel outside state lines and buy fireworks

19 – Learn the Thriller dance

20 – Get a manicure/pedicure and/or a massage

21 – Go to the Iowa State Fair

22 – Hold a koala

23 – Get backstage at a concert

24 – Participate in a cancer fundraising walk

25 – Go Tailgating

26 – Write a short story. Send it in to be published. Frame the rejection letter. (post pending)

27 – Walk a dog

28 – Ride a motorcycle (briefly, and with a helmet)

29 – Learn to parallel park

30 – Learn to tie a cherry stem with my tongue

Backup/Bonus Items:

jump in a pile of leaves

wear a mascot suit. in public.

– participate in a taekwondo tourney

– get ordained online

– meet the President or someone equally as important/famous (I met The Oatmeal, does that count?)



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