Bonus Item: Jump in a Pile of Leaves

October 27, 2009

Date of Completion: October 2009

Ok, this totally wasn’t on my list, but it probably should have been. It was completely spontaneous and awesome. I recommend everyone do it when/if you get the chance.

I went up to visit my dad this past weekend and as I was driving up the street, he was raking up all the leaves in his yard. Which, if you’re familiar with Iowa, is a bitchton right this time of year. He had two giant piles and a third little one that he was in the process of burning. (One of the awesome smells of fall, by the way). I immediately knew I had to dive into one of the piles. As soon as I got out of my car, I made a mad dash and flopped into it. It has been YEARS AND YEARS since I’ve done that. But damn, I have not seen such a jump-worthy pile of leaves in probably my whole life. It was just begging for it. 

He was still making fun of me as we went inside for dinner, and his girlfriend, sad that she missed it, decided that I needed to re-enact it so she could document it. Because we are picture people in my family, we are. Being the attention whore I can be, I figured, why not? It took a few takes since that camera isn’t built for action shots, but we finally got a few that were deemed satisfactory, so I even have pictures to document. : )




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  1. sooo cute! that sounds like fun. 🙂

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