Afterthoughts & Other Things

January 21, 2010

So, naturally as soon as I’ve got my list done and started actually checking things off, other random things have been working their way into my head. I’ll call this the Backup List… you know, in case some of the other items (#12… #1… etc) fall through.

i. go to a casino

ii. ride a motorcycle (with a helmet, of course)

iii. learn to tie a cherry stem with my tongue

iv. participate in a tae kwondo tourney?

v. kiss someone at midnight on NYE

Something I never would have put ON my list but occurred anyway was trying escargot. Snails? Gross. But I was at this swanky client charity event and it was there and my account exec ate one and was like, “hmm, not bad” – so I figured, why the hell not? Once I got over how it looked and finally was brave enough to put (half of it) in my mouth – it wasn’t horrible. If you pretend you’re not eating snail and you’re not looking at any other pieces of it. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t gag on it either, so, we’ll call it even. And now I can say I’ve done it.

Other things I’ve learned to do that I should have had the foresight to add? Learn to check my tires. How to add more air to said tires when they are low. How to check my oil. Etc. Car maintenance, baby. One of my gals from work is slowly and methodically teaching me these things, saving me lots of panicked calls to my dad, who happens to live about 100 miles away and thus can’t really do much for me over the phone.

So… I think I need to start thinking of this as a fluid, flexible project. I’m not Moses, these items aren’t etched in stone. Life changes and priorities change and some things aren’t quite as possible as they might have seemed.

The List has not been officially edited, but… I’m just saying, I am allowing room for the possibility. (Hey, it’s my project, I get to make the rules.)

Coming up  SOON! Item #19… I just need to get some video. Awww yeah. It’s gonna be awesome.


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